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SHERWOOD/Dallas Co. is pleased to offer state-of-the-art microscopes, inspection equipment and diagnostic equipment by top name brand manufacturers such as Unitron, Accu-Scope and Nanofocus. We also offer high-resolution Jenoptik cameras, and other digital and analog image acquisition and analysis hardware and software systems. Microscope service, repair and custom engineering are also available.

It is our goal to provide a timely solution to your requirements in a rapidly changing technology. What you will see on the following pages is only a small sampling of what is available. Please contact us so that we can provide for you a full solution to your requirements.

SHERWOOD/Dallas Co., Biomedical Services Division is a qualified lab equipment PM service and repair facility. We offer service and repair of most histology and pathology laboratory equipment. Our services include Preventive Maintenance, routine service, and repair and refurbishing of older or damaged equipment. We are also a member of the Histology Equipment Repair Organization (HERO) for national coverage. To find a qualified service center in your area go to HERO.